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Digging OutA term used after hearing those dreaded words: Not this time, they went another way, there is no interest, you won’t be renewed, you’ve been replaced. You crawl under the covers, into a cave and literally have to dig your way out to see the light of possibilities again and to find the strength to try again.

I don’t think there is an artist on earth that hasn’t pulled themselves out of a self imposed grave because of rejection. ...


Have you ever agreed to meet someone at a particular spot, but when you arrive at that spot, the person you're meeting is not there? You wait a while and then decide to walk around the block to look for them. When they finally arrive at the agreed location, they don't find you so they leave. After walking around the block, you've missed the person and lost the entire meeting because you left the meeting place. This often happens with our dreams and goals. We pray for success in a ...