Have you ever agreed to meet someone at a particular spot, but when you arrive at that spot, the person you're meeting is not there? You wait a while and then decide to walk around the block to look for them. When they finally arrive at the agreed location, they don't find you so they leave. After walking around the block, you've missed the person and lost the entire meeting because you left the meeting place. This often happens with our dreams and goals. We pray for success in a particular area and when the answer to the prayer doesn't come fast enough, we give up and we leave the meeting place. We decide, instead of acting, maybe law school. Instead of singing, Teachers college. Instead of dancing, become a trainer. Law school, teaching, and fitness training are all great things. If you can make a living doing any one of these things by all means go for it. However, if you have a passion that was placed deep inside, you can never out run it. There are some things you were just born to do. So instead of leaving the meeting place, bring projects and activities so your wait isn't unbearable. All those other things you're good at and can make a living at are your projects.  Projects can lead to great prosperity and will make your wait even more comfortable. Whatever you do don't completely give up. When you do that, either opportunity comes around and you're not there or if you are there, you're not ready. Always be ready and waiting at the place where your passion and your first love lives. Opportunity will meet you there, don't walk away, don't miss it.

The Meeting Place The place where you've asked God to pair your preparation with the perfect opportunity. The place where purpose is realized and lived out. Where your gifts, financial security and fulfillment rendezvous in perfect harmony.

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