Digging OutA term used after hearing those dreaded words: Not this time, they went another way, there is no interest, you won’t be renewed, you’ve been replaced. You crawl under the covers, into a cave and literally have to dig your way out to see the light of possibilities again and to find the strength to try again.

I don’t think there is an artist on earth that hasn’t pulled themselves out of a self imposed grave because of rejection. It does not get easier, no matter what level you achieve. Rejection hurts. When you put your heart and time into preparation and you allow yourself to hope and dream of a positive outcome. When the outcome is not positive, there is a temptation to never try again. “I will never put myself in that position again” we proclaim. When trying again, at the very point of the pain is exactly what we should do. When you find yourself in this place, start DIGGING. DIG with anger, at them for making you jump through hoops and still turning you down and at yourself for jumping. DIG with Pride, not to let them turn you around. DIG with a resolve to always try again and again because you know who you are and what you were born to do. DIG with strength, not to let anything break you. DIG with passion, to live each day on purpose. Dig with love, the love of this craft that was put in your heart for as long as you can remember. DIG with Authority, decide to feel the sadness for the moment and command it to take a back seat to joy. DIG with confidence, knowing you’ve been victorious before and you will be again. DIG with Faith, holding on to the power that gifted you. As dirty as you get while digging out, keep digging because the world needs what you have to offer and the alternative to digging is to stay in a place where your gift is under a rock. Although you’re weary, keep digging. Always follow the light to the surface. The light that will give you all the strength you need to try again.

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